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Scraper Drawbars Introduction

Pull type scrapers transfer 1/3 of their total weight to the drawbar on the tractor. Pull Scrapers require specially designed heavy duty drawbars that are specific to Tractor make & model and Scraper Manufacturer.
Always consult with your local dealer concerning tractor manufacturer's requirements for pull scraper drawbars before placing your order.


Drawbar Locator Tutorial
There are many different types of drawbars that hook to many different types of scrapers. Not every drawbar can hook up to every scraper, so it is very important to read this section before proceeding!


Step 1: Locate Part Number of Drawbar by Tractor Make & Model
Below you can see a list of part numbers corresponding to most all major manufacturers of tractors. Locate the make & model of your tractor and match corresponding drawbar number.
Useful Help feature
If you are running internet explorer a quick and easy way to locate your drawbar is to hit (CTRL + F) to activate the find feature and type in your tractor model and press the ENTER key. This should take you directly to the referenced drawbar on this web page.
(Note:If your model shows "please call" more information may be needed)


Step 2: Verify Drawbar Type Needed by Scraper Manufacturer
The section of the drawbar that hooks to the scraper can vary from different scraper manufacturers
(Note:If your model shows "please call" more information may be needed


Step 3: Don't see your drawbar listed?
Click Here to download a drawbar template that you can fill out and fax to us for pricing and availability.


             Standard Scraper Drawbar                                        Quick Hitch Drawbar









Standard Scraper Drawbar w/ Ag Adapter                         Ag Adapter Part No. D788








    Quick Hitch Drawbar w/ Ag Adapter                        Ag Adapter Part No. 1062352








Ag pull pin is not included with ag adapter. Must be purchased separately.
-Part No. D788 takes an ag pull pin part no. 1062222 (dia.1.75" in).
-Part No. 1062352 takes an ag pull pin part no. 1062216 (dia. 2 in.)

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